The Wellbeing Box

6 Ways to nurture yourself when you are not feeling your best

In times when we do not feel so well, perhaps we are feeling sad, overwhelmed or upset, it is important to have a way to support oneself.

During those times we tend to forget how to look after ourselves and therefore it is helpful to have something in place that will remind us that we are worth being nurtured! A great and easy way to prepare us for those challenging times is to create a well-being box. We can either make a list of things we could do to nurture ourselves or we could make an actual box, in which we put items that make us feel good. What are the things that soothe you, make
you feel great, are relaxing and nourishing for you?

Here are six ways to support yourself through those moments:

1. Walk in nature
2. Listen to calming music
3. Cook yourself a nice meal
4. Ring a friend
5. Swim in the ocean
6. Dance

…and remember, you can do these things at any time. Nurturing oneself is an important part of healing!