The Benefits of Body Psychotherapy and Counselling

Do you experience anxiety, stress, exhaustion, depression, sleeping or eating disorders or pain in your body without any medical diagnosis?

Body Psychotherapy and Counselling encompass a variety of holistic approaches to mental and physical health, acknowledging the importance of the body as a source of information and a resource for healing.

The feelings, emotions and impulses that arise from our body are an integral part of our experience of life.  Once we have experienced trauma, pain or any other event, where we were deeply rejected and hurt, we shut down and build a protection mechanism, in order not to ever feel that pain again.

Working with the body in therapy allows us to reconnect with our body and develop an awareness of feelings and physical sensations that are the basis of our emotions. By exploring memories and unconscious feelings that are stored in our body, we can get in touch with the individual protection that forms barriers to personal growth. We then are more open to understand and accept our current situation and possibly change it!