Somatic Psychotherapy and Counselling

Holistic Psychotherapy

Somatic Psychotherapy (or Body Centred Psychotherapy) is a holistic psychotherapy model that incorporates the body, and mind in the psychotherapeutic healing process. Thus, assisting with emotional, mental and physical symptoms associated with anxiety, depression and chronic pain. 

This holistic psychotherapy approach can help you develop awareness and a deeper understanding of your emotional and physical experience, enabling you to be present and attuned with your emotional and physical responses and regain inner strength, clarity and balance in your life. 

By utilising Somatic Psychotherapy and Trauma Counselling in your consultations, Sandra can assist you to safely access stored memories and unconscious feelings. In this way, you learn to be present with them and allow the experience and its perception to transform. This process raises your awareness, connects you to who you truly are, and develops loving acceptance towards yourself. It supports letting go of long-held physical and mental patterns that hinder you from fulfilling your potential and live your life in fullness. 

Sandra offers the following areas of Holistic Counselling:


Adolescent counselling

Anxiety counselling

Chronic pain management counselling

Crisis counselling

Grief counselling

Relationship counselling

Spiritual crisis counselling

Trauma (PTSD) counselling

“Start where you are”. Pema Chödrön

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Sandra has specialised training in multicultural issues and offers a culturally sensitive approach to healing.

Counselling is also available in (Swiss-) German.

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