Meditation Classes

Meditation in Schwyz, switzerland

Regular meditation practice is a way of mindful living that allows you to re-connect to yourself and live from a deeper purpose. Sandra introduces you to easy-to learn Somatic Meditation practices, that build your awareness, connect you to your deeper essence and release stress and tension in your body and mind.

The somatic approach of meditation is particularly effective for healing trauma and guides you to live in the present moment again. The practices are based on original Tibetan Buddhist and Taoist teachings and offer a heart-opening pathway to fundamentally embrace yourself with a new sense of acceptance and self-love. 

During your Somatic Mediation classes you will receive guidance to mindful breathing, helping you stop the chatter in your mind, thus allowing you to come to a deep stillness from where healing can occur. Being in connection with your soma (entire body), allows you to reach a deep sense of relaxation and awareness of the unity of body and mind.

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Breathing in, I calm body and mind. Breathing out, I smile. Dwelling in the present moment I know this is the only moment.

~ Thich Naht Hanh

Sandra teaches the foundations of Somatic Meditation practices, that you can easily integrate into your daily meditation and mindfulness practice. Even for experienced meditators, these teachings are a valuable expansion to their meditation practice, as they offer a unique approach for meditating from a deepfelt sense of your body awareness. Through Somatic Meditation we connect with the inherent wakefulness, that is already present in the body. These teachings are inspired by the most advanced teachings of Tibetan Buddhism which state that true realisation is found in the body and nowhere else.

Sandra shares her experience from her own meditation training path with her main influencing Buddhist teachers: Pema Khandro Rinpoche, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Reginald Ray, Pema Chödrön and Thich Nhat Hanh. Her training in mindfulness and body awareness started during her Somatic Psychotherapy and Breath-Therapy training in Switzerland (in the 1990s) and has been mainly influenced by teachers such as Peter Levine, Fritz Pearls, Alexander Lowen, Ilse Middendorf, and Jack Lee Rosenberg. Sandra has been developing her body awareness since the age of 15 and has been continuously practicing various forms of dance and martial arts since then.

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