How Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Assists You with Releasing Stress and Enhancing Your Immunity

Our immune system is interrelated with our stress response. When we encounter a stressor, our whole system gears up to meet the stress with surges of neuro-active chemicals that trigger responses throughout the body. We call this the neuroendocrine-immune system, which includes the nervous system, muscles, circulation, respiration, digestion and other systems that respond to the stressor in order to keep our lives protected and sustained.

This neurological response usually originates in certain nuclei in the central nervous system and is mediated by the production of stress-related chemicals. These chemicals can negatively affect our immune system, as the body’s primary orientation is to our immediate survival. If stress is continued and the body cannot de-stress on a regular basis, our immune systems can become weak, due to certain biochemicals consistently running through our systems, e.g. cortisol. The body can then lose the ability to self regulate.

Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy addresses this issue, by acknowledging the stress response as a cyclical holistic process that needs a holist approach. By orienting to the nervous system and other systems involved, the therapist helps down-regulate the chronic stress response, which allows for the body to reorganise itself to a pattern of health.

The therapist particularly tunes into the cerebrospinal fluid, which is at the core of the body and surrounds the brain and spinal cords with nourishing fluids that express in a motion like a tide. This motion is very subtle and a trained therapist is able to perceive it. Thus, by meeting it, allows the person to find resonance and a new balance.

A natural response to physical and psychological stress is that the body’s tissues contract. If there is no release and the stress becomes chronic, the tissues may stay contracted. This restricts the body’s function and fluidity. Nourishing fluids that flow through the blood or nervous tissue cannot reach certain tissues anymore and stagnation occurs. When the natural flow in the body is restricted, it affects our vitality and we feel tired or experience aches or pain.

Restrictions in the body’s functioning show up in a way that the craniosacral motion is expressed. The therapist can identify where these blockages are and reflect back to the body the pattern of stagnation or inflammation. This provides the opportunity to shift and let go of the restrictive pattern, allowing fluids to circulate the area again and returning to a balanced state.

As well as releasing the body’s tension and stress, this process frees up the energy, which the body previously was using to hold itself in contraction. Therefore, one of the benefits of the treatment is an increase in energy and vitality. Furthermore, this also helps restore the immune system, hence we experience better immunity and enhanced capacity to deal with new stressors.

To get the full benefit of a treatment, most people require a few sessions to get in touch with the deeper feelings in their bodies and time to let go of old patterns. As well as learn new ways to respond to stress and stimulus.

Craniosacral therapy treats people with ADD, Allergies, Anxiety, Asthma, Autoimmune disorders, Back pain, Birth Trauma, Breathing disorders, Digestive disorders, Eating disorders, Hormonal imbalances, Insomnia, Migraines, Muscular pain, Nervous disorders, PMT, PTSD, Sinusitis, Skin disorders and more.

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