Trauma Healing and Somatic Meditation

At Healing from Source, I offer a series of Trauma Healing¬† & Somatic Meditation classes and workshops, designed to support, encourage and provide a safe space for you to develop skills of awareness of self. Becoming aware is the first step to healing. Below you’ll find a summary of classes and workshops I currently offer. To find out more or to stay in touch with upcoming events, simply contact me

Trauma Healing Workshops

I offer transformative group work based on a somatic approach to Trauma Healing, which has shown to be most effective in Trauma Therapy. I guide people through a process that includes elements of mindfulness practice and guided meditation, and psychotherapeutic trauma recovery interventions.

These confidential therapeutic group environments build a safe environment in which you can explore the connections between your feelings and thoughts. By gently developing present awareness around them, you allow your self-healing forces to emerge.

Somatic Meditation Classes

Sandra teaches the foundations of Somatic Meditation practices, that you can easily integrate in your daily meditation and mindfulness practice. Even for experienced meditators these teachings are a valuable expansion to their meditation practice, as they offer a unique approach for meditating from a deepfelt sense of your body awareness. Through Somatic Meditation we connect with the inherent wakefulness, that is already present in the body. These teachings are inspired by the most advanced teachings of Tibetan Buddhism which state that true realisation is found in the body and nowhere else.