Somatic Psychotherapy & Counselling

Are you currently experiencing anxiety, stress, or depression? Are you having trouble eating or sleeping? Then you might benefit from Somatic Psychotherapy…and here’s why! Somatic Psychotherapy and Counselling include a […]

Somatic Psychotherapy & Counselling for Adolescents

Working with Adolescents: How to deal with Anxiety and Fear Anxiety and Fear are common feelings experienced by today’s adolescents.  Research has shown that their fixation on digital technology has […]

Healing Trauma After the War

“We are all brothers and sisters and have to take responsibility for our communities and the world we live in.” ~ The Dalai Lama I have recently travelled to Sri Lanka, […]

The Benefits of Body Psychotherapy and Counselling

Do you experience anxiety, stress, exhaustion, depression, sleeping or eating disorders or pain in your body without any medical diagnosis? Body Psychotherapy and Counselling encompass a variety of holistic approaches to […]