Somatic Psychotherapy & Counselling

Are you currently experiencing anxiety, stress, or depression? Are you having trouble eating or sleeping? Then you might benefit from Somatic Psychotherapy…and here’s why!

Somatic Psychotherapy and Counselling include a variety of holistic approaches to mental and physical health. They acknowledge the importance of the body as an information source, as well as a resource for healing. The feelings, emotions and impulses that occur from our body are an integral part of our experience of life. If we have experienced trauma, overwhelming pain or any event, where we were deeply rejected or hurt, we tend to go into an emotional shut-down where we build up a protective shell in order not to feel those uncomfortable or painful feelings again. This can express in physical or emotional states of anxiety, stress, exhaustion, depression or chronic pain.

Working with the body in psychotherapy allows us to reconnect with our physical being and develop an awareness of feelings and their fundamental sensations. These are the basis of our emotions. Furthermore, by exploring memories and unconscious feelings that are stored within our body, we can get in touch with the self-imposed protection that forms the barriers to personal growth.

Through somatic psychotherapy, we are more open to understand, acknowledge and finally, accept our current situation, moving us from a space of pain and suffering to one of healing and fulfilment.

As a Somatic Centered Psychotherapist and Counsellor, I can offer you a safe place and gently guide you in the process of getting in touch with the feelings in your body by working with your body memory.  I can then assist you in bringing more awareness to your experience, highlighting how it may have been affecting your sense of self and lead you, calmly and safely, through the healing process. 

From our time together you will –

  • get a greater sense of clarity
  • restore your emotional balance
  • create a deeper sense of inner calm
  • release long stored tension or debilitating stress.

Our time together can leave you free to move through your life feeling empowered and restored.